How can you get curly hair?

Picture showing young woman looking in bathroom mirror

The most striking aspect of a woman is her hair. A head full of gorgeous hair, not just any hair, wouldn’t you say? Well, regardless of the hairstyle one chooses, having good-looking hair easily draws the attention of others. Natural hair has the beauty of being simple to control. One might opt to maintain straight or curly hair depending on their interests and preferences.

The appearance of the hair is enhanced by curls. Some girls prefer the way thick hair looks. However, in order to attain the perfect look, folks who don’t have this kind choose to curl their straight hair.

When the hair has curls, one does not need to brush it frequently because the waves set naturally and with less effort than they do when the hair is straight.

How to use a straightener to make straight hair wavy:

  • After washing and drying your hair, section it off using clips, starting at the bottom and working your way up. After that, preheat your curly straightener.
  • Take a strand of hair from the bottom of your head, place the straightener over it, and twist the hair once. Start towards the ends of your hair for modest twists at the tips, or start closer to the ear for a complete head of waves.
  • Pull down the ends of your hair while holding the straightener in this position with the hair strand once wrapped around it. The curl will be more clearly defined the slower you move the straightener. Smooth ceramic-coated plates on the straightener reduce friction as your hair passes through them, preventing damage.

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